cool boys[rad]
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Only real cool boys join.

Founded in 1987, the Cool Boys clan is a request to join a clan that decides if you're cool or not. Getting into Cool Boys is an accomplishment, as not many people actually know of our existence, keeping the clan small, which makes our clan members think they're part of something exclusive. By joining the Cool Boys, you agree to be friendly to other members of the clan and to stay cool for the rest of your life.

We like eating Cheetos and Doritos and then chugging them down with a can of Pepsi, but you can always drink Coca-Cola.

We act tough, but we're also nice on the inside. We personally believe crime is not the cool way to be cool, but we'll accept people with criminal records into the clan.

We decide if you make it in or not. If you are a girl, you cannot join the cool boys, as the name says "cool boys," not "cool girls" or "people." But we respect girls and, depending on the cool boy committee, we may accept them in the future. Most people are accepted; about 96% of them are accepted. Think of it like a university, but without the crazy tuition prices and crazy acceptance rates.

You will be approved in about a day, if you're not, message Cinemark on Brick Hill! Also message him if you'd like to be part of the Cool Boy Committee, which is a group that makes the decisions of the clan.
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