What's on my mind:
My 2021 acc is untermed
[Sobz] Sobzie
@sobzie on Discord

Hi I'm the guy who always replies to other peoples' threads!
I never make my own threads...
This is my only account

"balls" - m a t e o

"I stole my avatar from tigs haha" - Tigs

"nft monkey dollar soars elon musk" - zomonia

"8A8 ON TOP https://youtube.com/@klinged" - 8A8

"i am brick hill's best person" - favorite person

"I'm the second best person" - moriah

"I love Ukensai" - Bradley E. Mazing

"quiero pi.ja" "hi there i like nerf guns" - Bunnt

"under where" - Underwear

Sobz is cool +_+

Previously known as: sobz comeback TWO
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