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She can call me whenever 📱 No matter the weather ⛈
[Hat] Word
⚠️ALERT⚠️ Someone has been going around on discord impersonating me, kqpa and other bh users. Their name is currently Word#0001. Whatever you do if they ask you for items do not give them. I will never ask to borrow items for free or ‘pin’ them. My only discord is Word#8709 make sure to check the id if i start talking to you

Btw Everything NFT
Hey Im Word an official brick hill epic gamer
Ive been on this site for a while but just came back on recently
I have many alts on this site.
If you see me in game or on the forums feel free to say hi!
Im also currently accepting all friend requests so feel free to send one
Have a great day!

7/12/20 - first non-admin bh user to collect all the top hats in the series (rth, yth, bth, gth)
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