Hi, how's it going?
I'm the CEO here at Brick Hill, please email if you have any issues!

Hi, I'm Alex!
I'm the CEO of Brick Hill. I read every message I receive and I accept all friend requests!
If you have a problem contact
Have fun!

whats boppin b

Brick Hill
Welcome to Brick Hill!

OpTic dog
i dont read trades


Hello. I'm kong, one of the administrators at Brick-Hill. If you need help with anything, contact me via DMs and I will get back to you when I can. Make sure you read my blurb to secure your account as much as possible.

To prevent being hacked, make sure you:
1. Create a strong password, I suggest using a Google-Made password.
2. Enable 2FA, it adds an extra layer of security to your account. Keep your 2FA codes on your PC in case you lose your mobile device.
3. Have a recovery email handy in case your password is changed.
4. Never share your info with anyone, not even staff, as we will never ask for your password.
5. If you think you've been hacked, contact me or another high-ranking staff member immediately.

碇Medium Brain Academy - ARG Solving Team碇

Hi! I'm the Circus Master! I'm immune to the plot and can transcend time and space. Also, I'm coming after you. You can figure out the rest. Have fun!

Hello! You may know me, but if you don't, I am a moderator, social media representative, and a member of the community support team for this site! I also founded the Brick Hill Awards (yay me!). PM me if you have any questions! :)

Shoutout to Nelots for donating to the Brick Hill Awards!
Shoutout to Coot (tsuk) for donating my dream item to me!

feel free to join my discord server!

[haven't guess what my character resembles yet? send me a dm on discord! @ellie !#0745]


q: what is your favorite color?
a: all pastels. :)
q: how old are you?
a: 19
q: what is the easiest way to contact you?
a: i am the most active on discord, so add me there (@ellie !#0745).
q: are you a satanist?
a: no
q: accept my friend request
a: maybe 😉


rip luke. i really liked him as a person, and i can't stop thinking about him. but just know that he's always watching over us, and will always be there besides us.

staff member & Lead Moderator here at Brick Hill, message me if you have any questions or concerns


I do stuff 'round the hill

Contributor for BH Christmas 2021

Message me for any inquiries you may have regarding moderation. I do not accept friend requests.
If you want to appeal an account ban, contact

Some things about me:

• I manage website bug reports/security issues.

• I am not a web developer. I rarely, if ever, make code changes to the website.

• I earned a Saint Brick before I became staff.

• I constantly read the #support channel and support forum.

• I write really informative and cool blog posts sometimes.

Report bugs here:

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. I do not even look at the trades tab, so don't bother sending anything.

Message me about any questions you may have regarding Brick Hill.


Lead Social Media Representative

If you have any direct inquires please message me, if you've seen a user or content breaking the rules make sure to report it & if you have further questions shoot us an email (

• 𝓒 x 𝓦 •

•Hello, I'm 2008 or Clippy! I'm current Brick Hill Moderator, message me if you have any questions
(-Some info-)
I have been making and hosting some games here in 2021! I have a boyfriend called Waffelo <3
I also love do graphic design, and 3d modeling.
Have been modeling some items for fun before, most known is "ice bok" which I made in 2019
I do own a basil bat helm (nft) and blue top hat (nft), If you have any questions, message me! Plus I accept all friend requests
(Current Brick hill value): 287,004 (45th richest user)

Hoping to become an Programer or a 3d designer, i don't mind talking with people here!
Discord: Clippy#0626


Brick Hill moderator and manager for Brick Hill Values / Brick Hub.

If you need help message me on here or discord swervo#7875

~ If you need help regarding your account, please email ~

Hi, I'm T-J, a Social Media Representative and a Brick Saint on Brick Hill.
Discord: Derpeii#0011
YouTube: derpeii
Roblox: tazcote
Twitter: derpeii
NFT: Pimpin' Fedora (#15 + #1) & Uncle Sam's Grin
Interested in upgrading other items.

Noah Cool Boy
Hello! My name is Noah
I accept all friend requests!
I'm a 15 year old developer which really likes coding
I can help you out with hosting and scripting problems
I joined with konekokitten's video, and stayed to make brick hill a better place
Proud owner of the dragonian top hat and captainhat.js hat
(Please don't send me trades, I'll decline them)
Want to contact me? You can, on discord: noah#8315
Check out my brick hill themes!:
Check out my userscripts!:
Timezone GMT+1

I build things sometimes and help with events here and there.

- Client Tester
- Egg Hunt Developer
- Developer for Paradox
- Member of Retarf Gang (#1 2020, #3 2021)
- Hired as an official moderator on January 14th, 2021.

Steam Profile -

Games are fun and all, but I’m a cinephile at heart. If you’re interested in that sorta thing, here’s my Letterboxd -

Last Updated : December 19th, 2021



Hi im yasin, a mod here at the headland characterized by slabs
Message me if you have any questions.
Please direct ban appeals to

I read One Piece and Berserk, and have read Hunter x Hunter if you want to talk with me about any of those

100k Value achieved in August of 2021
Moderator since May 14th of 2020
Member of the first arg group to solve the 2020 Christmas arg
One of 16 winners of the 2021 Pumpkin Carving building competition
One of 10 users to buy noodle head for 12000 bucks
One of 35 users to buy the Homemade Present of Creative Endeavors for 20000 bucks
One of 29 users to buy the Gingerbread Bathelm of Frosted Frights before the stock increase
I created one of the items in the shop, the Seeing Lights face
I own 6 #1 serial Special items,
and I bought these #1's originally:
Midnight Crow Tophat
Cool Brick Buddy
All Seeing Eye
Hallowed Antlers
Ignore the name changes and just call me yasin.

my name is joshua, site developer @ Brick Hill.