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Hi, how's it going?
I'm the CEO here at Brick Hill, please email if you have any issues!

Hi, I'm Alex!
I'm the CEO of Brick Hill. I try to answer every message I receive and I accept all friend requests!
If you have a problem contact
Have fun!

whats boppin b

I play with various didledoos around brick hilli

Some things about me:

• I manage website bug reports/security issues.

• I am not a web developer. I rarely, if ever make code changes to the website.

• I earned a Saint Brick before I became staff.

• I constantly read the #support channel and support forum.

• I write really informative and cool blog posts sometimes.

Report bugs here:

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

now the v on my chest stands for 'very big deal,' but that's beside the point

i do not read trades

I'm a game developer here at Brick Hill. Have any questions? Feel free to message me or staff about it. (I also accept ALL friend requests, so feel free to add me!)



Also, I don't trade, so don't bother sending me a trade request.



growling in the moonlight with my homies



Hello. I'm kong, one of the administrators at Brick-Hill. If you need help with anything, contact me via DMs and I will get back to you when I can. Make sure you read my blurb to secure your account as much as possible.

To prevent being hacked, make sure you:
1. Create a strong password, I suggest using a Google-Made password.
2. Enable 2FA, it adds an extra layer of security to your account. Keep your 2FA codes on your PC in case you lose your mobile device.
3. Have a recovery email handy in case your password is changed.
4. Never share your info with anyone, not even staff, as we will never ask for your password.
5. If you think you've been hacked, contact me or another high-ranking staff member immediately.

Try not to be a nuisance, and we will get along.
碇Medium Brain Academy - ARG Solving Team碇

-Hired April 2020 - Admin

I'm a moderator here at Brick Hill. Please email to appeal your ban, do not message me about this.
1. One of the richest users on the website with over 200,000 Average as of January 3rd 2021.
2. Owner of one of the most valuable special hoards on Brick Hill.
3. Owner of a clan with over 1,500 members.
4. Solved every ARG on Brick Hill to date.
5. Most friends on Brick Hill.
6. Most clan allies on Brick Hill.
7. 3rd highest visits as of January 1st 2021.
8. Owner of Dragonian's Top Hat and Secops.
9. Featured several times in the blog.
10. Various ID snipes.
You should listen to every song Laura Branigan ever published.


Now that gays have their rights, can we please shift focus on an even more oppressed and marginalized group? I am, of course, talking about street racers. We are banned from almost every street in the United States, and that's simply NOT ok. If you believe this poses a safety risk, you are just ignorant. If you believe this will cause noise problems, not only are you ignorant, but you are bigoted. What you are thinking of is street CRASHING, a lifestyle completely different and separate from innocent street racers. Stop the police brutality. Stop the societal shaming. Stop the stigma. Legalize street racing today!

I own Off Topic, everyone posting there automatically agrees to MY terms of service, not Brick Hills (in pastebin

FUCK SCHOOL (this has nothing to do with my 1.4 GPA guys grades are not equal to intelligence come on you guys please stop making fun of me im intelligent school is just bullshit)

"I report to God. You report to me."
-Terry A. Davis

Hello! You may know me, but if you don't, I am a moderator, social media representative, and a member of the community support team for this site! I also founded the Brick Hill Awards (yay me!). PM me if you have any questions! :)

Shoutout to Nelots for donating to the Brick Hill Awards!
Shoutout to Coot (tsuk) for donating my dream item to me!

feel free to join my discord server!

[haven't guess what my character resembles yet? send me a dm on discord! @ellie !#0745]


q: what is your favorite color?
a: all pastels. :)
q: how old are you?
a: 18
q: what is the easiest way to contact you?
a: i am the most active on discord, so add me there (@ellie !#0745).
q: are you a satanist?
a: no
q: accept my friend request
a: maybe 😉


rip luke. i really liked him as a person, and i can't stop thinking about him. but just know that he's always watching over us, and will always be there besides us.

Professional Hat man
Send any and all inquiries to me on site


staff member & moderator here at Brick Hill, message me if you have any questions or concerns


we are very busy people from moderating

we miss you, luke

Off Topic Fanboy
♡ Romeo 2016 - 2018 ♡

【 Content Creator, Client Tester, Moderator 】

Brick Hill Administrator & Social Media Representative

If you have any direct inquires please message me, if you've seen a user or content breaking the rules make sure to report it & if you have further questions shoot us an email (

🤠 Howdy there!

My website 😎

Social things 😬

Brick Hill moderator, manager for BH.Values and aspiring game developer for Mafia Studios.

If you need help message me on here or discord swervo#7875

~ If you need help regarding your account, please email ~

Hi, I'm T-J, a moderator and a Brick Saint on Brick Hill.
Discord: Derpeii#0011
YouTube: derpeii
Roblox: tayandben
Twitter: derpeii
NFT: Pimpin' Fedora (#15 + #1), Uncle Sam's Grin, Special Sign Hoard

Hello, I'm Aidaan, a moderator here at Brick-Hill. I love to build detailed creations and trade. Though my post count may say differently, I rarely, if ever, forum. I occasionally create clothing.

- Built one of the (arguably) most detailed games on here
- Had a blog post written about me (

Other things about me:
- Client Tester
- Developer for Paradox
- Value Changer for

Steam Profile -

My thanks go out to:


Thank you, you three, for all the helpfulness and kindness you’ve given me and, most importantly, for inspiring me to keep doing what I love on this site.

Member of retarf gang !, the first ARG solving group to crack the Inconspicuous Gift of Understanding.

game and web dev

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