Bomb Script

[BHS] Leon
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05:12 PM 10/02/2019
The most unknown feature in the Brick Hill Workshop is the Projectile feature. In essence, Projectiles are spherical objects which are physics-enabled, and can be used in many different ways. To demonstrate this undocumented treasure, I have created a very simple Bomb Script you can use in your game:

The script explains how to use it, and it is documented with comments.

[EGG] Louis
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05:14 PM 10/02/2019
Looks like fun! I'll try it out at some point if I'm able too.
03:37 PM 11/02/2019
12:01 AM 12/02/2019
inb4 terrorist games are made

[BHS] Leon
Posts: 349
03:31 AM 13/02/2019 I updated the script to include blowing up bricks