Cool/hot/sexy items you own in roblox

[Forum] Porfus
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06:25 PM 11/12/2018
These are mine (what I can remember)

Batty owl
Green one
Hexavisim the horrible
Most of the eggs in the 2016, 2017, and 2018 egg hunt
Tix top hat, tix tie, tix cap, and tix paper hat
Blue plaid fedora
New York
The moon
Santa snowman
Santa Claus package
This skeleton pirate hat
Some toy code items
This 2015 toysRus face mask that was a code.
OBC hard hat
TBC hard hat
BC hard hat
These cool card code fedoras

Sorry if you consider this flexing but I worked really hard to get these.
My username is: robloxchamps1091

[P00R] Doom Marine
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05:37 PM 18/12/2018
I have a noob assist gingerbread one, lol green day cap, and the arrow hat

[Forum] Porfus
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10:48 PM 18/12/2018
Those hats are very hot

[P00R] Doom Marine
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07:30 PM 19/12/2018
[quote][i]Quote from [burl=user?id=35740]Porfus[/burl], 2018-12-18 22:48:22[/i]
Those hats are very hot[/quote] Yaaa

[BE] bb saggin
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04:41 PM 20/12/2018
improved hiccup hat (Very hot, like it's actually on fire)
recycling pin
blade of marmora hood
lol day cap
Pilgrim hat
Thanksgiving turkey hat
Pink action Ponytail
Golden wings of the pathfinder
pistola pack

[cod] Happyguy280
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04:56 PM 22/12/2018

hey there
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05:36 PM 28/12/2018
hot items I own on roblox:

Evil skeptic
Dark Reaper
Christmas tree
Friendly Fedora

more but too lazy

[877] ImAFatGuyLoLoL
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07:35 PM 28/12/2018
Camo Commando
Black Iron Commando

thats all lol

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11:20 PM 28/12/2018
idk i own some old shit though lolz

solitary confinement
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07:02 PM 29/12/2018
i own the alabama outfit

[Cats] McPe_Gamin101
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04:19 PM 31/12/2018
shaggy ftw
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