Add poison bans

[kmrt] 31viciousman
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06:01 AM 05/11/2023
Poison bans would be like termination but the ip address can't create new accounts.

Rods Wife
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08:38 AM 05/11/2023
Vpn lol

[SUGAR] kDFUbreaker
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10:09 AM 05/11/2023
And it would cause more harm than good.

Your IP address is in most cases dynamic, as in, it resets every few days. However, your old IP is not going to go unused, far from it, it will be delegated to someone else.

But let's say you have a static IP, you can use a VPN or proxy to bypass it.

And we aren't even mentioning CGNAT, which basicslly makes you share an IP address with other subscribers of your ISP. ISPs who offer celular connectivity most likely use CGNAT, at least for their mobile consumers.

While it may be rare to share an IP with a brick hill user, I know for a fact that I share an IPv4 address with a fellow Brick Hill user.

[kmrt] 31viciousman
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09:52 AM 27/11/2023
What about HWID bans? They could serve a purpose.

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06:52 AM 13/12/2023