luckyjack is a threat (with why and his doings how)

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luckyjack is a user who plays Brick Hill relativley often. But lateley by my expression and seeing I find him a bit threatning, here is why and how to be against:

luckyjack threaten me earlier by telling "my future" that is it not so bright by some chance. He also made accounts today that refers to "Studs Of My Own" (my outfit name) and to my username (1stPersonLock). They are named "Studs Of My Own", "1stperson" and "3rdperson" and I want to make this thread in support because luckyjack has threatened me, and might do so with others (and has done already with SwedishUsr1233). His weakness is impatience and he is jealous, this is the main belif of mine why he threatens users (but that was not the main case why he threatened me yet he made the usernames so, yes to that) (he was rather attacking me for defending SwedishUsr1233 as I said that sexism is fine by the rules until you hit the terms of service where it hits "The following content is strictly prohibited across all boards:... ...Sexually explicit content or material...." so he tells that "online sex" is allowed by me. Nieraz thought, she just tries to make it look like a joke yet by my past (my past did not contain online sex or such but rather a hate of friends and specific words (they keep the joke up today)) I think it is relativley strong said by luckyjack).

Stay safe and learn your mistakes (as well as mine (in case I have done something)),

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Just thought through memories, he is also WhiteNinja and might make even more accounts.

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Yes, indeed.

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