Monetization for games tutorial

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04:15 PM 10/06/2021
Hello brick hillions, I am the great mdr721 here to show you how monetize your game to make bucks or bits.
First of all how are we going to monetize are games without gamepass???
answer is assets, we can check the player if they have a certain assets on their character.

just make a blank tshirts or make a badge designed for the player to make it work their money or make a unique so player knows what vip pass they are putting on.

The script is actually simple design
with the "player.assets.tshirts" it will return the id number of shirt so just get your id number of your shirt and compare it and you will have you vip script in no time. What if we want are player to know that button is for only vip or a vip door we can use the "player.prompt('you do not have vip access')" we would put this code in the else block after the compare fail.

Map and code: