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[NO21] saggy pants
hey im some 12 yr old on brick hill, and i play phantom forces too much


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unga bunga ooga booga

https://voca.ro/1nK3h1zcxS5L -fsfk

fan art

http://sketchtoy.com/69816224 By: merda

https://sketchtoy.com/69816331 By: BrickBattlear

I'm gonna clobber you so hard you stupid piece of lego trash. honestly get off this game you had nothing of value to this platform, you're just a complete waste of human DNA. 2000 years of constant human evolution to create an idiot like you.

There was once this mountain climber who as a kid was very athletic and always climbed the trees in his backyard, he always was very adventurous too. When he was 19 he quit his job as a janitor at a movie theater and allowed his true passion, mountain climbing. when he was 21 he met this beautiful girl and they got married, and they both were equally adventurous. then he and his wife climbed Mount Everest, when he got to the top he was very disappointed. not because he didn't enjoy the view nor because of the fridge temperatures. it's just that he couldn't find who asked.

mother, i am sorry to wake you at this ungodly hour. but i must report that i have soiled my undies and i require your assistance in a change of trousers and bedsheets. and maybe a glass of mothers milk, thank you mother

Stfu, like damn your takin this so serious like really just Stfu and take a chill pill, and your bottle to calm your ass down, like damn your acting like this is official like Stfu and go to bed because it's like your bed time,you're tired rn. Let mommy pat you on the back so u can stop whining like damn you really just shat your diaper over nothin

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