Parkour Hangour fan club[Obby]
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Hello! Welcome to the Parkour Hangout fan club! to play, when we hit 100 members we will be doing a giveaway for 100 bux! (1000 bits) this will be hosted in our discord server, if you would like a link DM Plyarnuh#0858

Our biggest member goal at once was... 32 members at once!

Thank you to our OG admins Mori and B e n, our newest staff member is drgn. If you would like more information join the official discord server for the rules and info about our game. We might be doing staff applications at some point down the line so you need to be able to DM us or use our discord server to do it.


Fan: Join the fan club
Super Fan: Play the game for 4 hours (not straight)
Special Member: Play the game for 9 hours (not straight)
Donator: Donate to us, buy HungrySlayers shirt!
Funny People: People that Deceived and Hungry finds funny and nice
Cool people: Play the game for 24 hours (not straight)
Blurb reader: read deceiveds blurb fully infront of him, record: 39 minutes set by Blurb reader.... ROBLOXbannedinUAE_1!

Staff applications:

No staff spots right now, check in later!

Member goal: 100!

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