Owned by imApIayer
633 Members
What's this clan about?:
A funny cool dank meme clan where you level up on ranks and can get your own rank, we also do money and free clan giveaways for those who need them!

This clan was inspired by cool kids :>

We are the 17th biggest clan on brick-hill!
We are Ally of many, enemy of few...

How do i level up?:
You level up on ranks every 5 days
If you are a Donator, Popular or Special you will be ranked "Donator/Popular/Special bois"

Other ways to level up:
Inviting 10 people ( +1 rank )
Inviting 20 people ( +2 ranks )
Inviting 30 people ( +3 ranks )
People who i think are really cool or nice to me will be ranked +1 rank

Want to have the donator rank? then buy this t-shirt:
When you buy this message me so i can know and rank you

Want to have your own rank? then buy this t-shirt:
( you can choose the name you want for it and change it when you want )
When you buy this message me so i can know and rank you

R.I.P imAplayer... 2019-2020

are you a cool kid? then join cool kids!:

Want to advertise your clan on my clan's description? then buy this t-shirt!:
Message me when you buy it so i can know and advertise it! :D

The story of how the description went back and totally changed:

So yasin removed my desc just because it had the word ku klux on it and i did'nt even know what it mean and now he is the worst freaking mod ever he shouldnt even be a mod, then i fucked all up by changing the desc to something else and yasin could'nt put it back, but then a user called Wilchz friended me and then when i saw his profile i saw a pepe, and that inspired me on making the description again but better, and ended up with this description :>
Feature coming soon