The Elite Order[TEO]
Owned by Group_Holder
54 Members
The Elite Order is a prestigious clan on brick hill.

Only the famous, succesful, and elite are allowed entry.

If you have accomplished something big on brick hill this clan is for you.

Rank Requirements:

Fans: People who don’t meet any requirements

Wealthy: Must have 200k+ value in specials.

Beta User: Must be a beta user

Notable: Must have atleast ONE of these requirements for this rank. own saint brick, have been featured in a blog post, have won a building competition, have obtained all three bug hats, have over 10K+ visits, or be a client tester

Distinguished: People with this rank are at the top, they own multiple requirements or have jackpot badge.

Brick-Hill Staff: Must be a brick-hill staff member.

This group is open to all, if you think you have a requirement and want to rank up, message the account "Group_Holder"
Feature coming soon