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I deeply regret to inform you all that I received some bad news. The Admins of the Brick-Hill wiki have finally decided to delete Spacebuilder.exe off the wiki, on the grounds that it was "badly written" and "had too many cliches" and "was a bad example of what should be a Brick-Hill Wiki post". BRICK. FRIGGIN. BRICK CRAP. As you can see I am FURIOUS with the fact that my masterpiece, which has won the hearts of millions and has made a massive impact on the internet, is being brought down by a bunch of jealous, arrogant, retarded POOP-HATERS. BUT. That does not mean I am just going to sit down and take this lightly. NOOOOOOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE. They have been messing with the spacebuilder, and now they've called out the horkys! Listen everyone, I need your help with this. We are at WAR here. I want every Spacebuilder.exe fan who is reading this to get the word out! I want you to tell every other Spacebuilder.exe fan out there, every fanatic, every artist, every follower of my creation about this. Tell your friends who are also Spacebuilder.exe fans if they have to! Tell them we have to keep the spirit of Spacebuilder.exe alive! Make more fanart, make more videos, block the haters, praise Spacebuilder.exe like you never have before, build websites dedicated to his greatness, whatever you gotta do to keep him alive and strong, JUST DO IT. The deletion of Spacebuilder.exe from the wiki is but a minor cut on our flower of greatness, my friends! And that cut has done nothing but further the spreading, and we are the pollen of this flower! We need to prepare for our victory over the Haters! The Haters need to BLEED for their crimes!! Rejoice, my fellow Spacebuilder.exe Fans! Our glorious little poopspawn shall have the laugh yet! THIS will be his ultimate victory! The absolute subjugation... OF THE INTERNET ITSELF!!!!
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