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[Paint] Pixelplayz3D
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V Update V
I dont even know what to say. I know Im probably late but man, this cant be fr. I was in dissbelieve when i heaard all abt space and stuff,. I wouldve put this on "Whats on my mind" but i cant post anything, the forums are also down. Honestly, I had plans on putting my game back up for its 1 year aniversary, I did all the new coding, new map, new ideas but i guess its not happening anymore. Im also possibly quitting, sorry guys. Ive met some really nice and cool people here, Ill never forget you guys. :(

Hello there
I accept all friend requests
Feel free to send me a message anytime if you would like to talk
My game isnt the best but im proud of it, Im still working on it
Yeah I play paintball in real life, I would like to own either a mini gs or a Dye rize but lets see how things turn out (Currently owning a Empire axe 1)
I enjoy anime, not really watching alot since im too busy
Ill probably not post in the forums for now because i have nothing to say lol
I have discord but I never use it
I like skating, even if i suck
I play videogames, sometimes
My favourite type of music is metal, rock and eurobeat. I also like Twenty ├śne Pilots (rap but mostly 90s rap)
My 3 dream items on Brick Hill are the epic face, Ushanka and Ethos scythe
Also, idk when to put my game back up im lazy
Specials Ive own:
Scorched helmet of the virtous #5046
Fallout hood #849
Moons and stars #477
Frozen krampus horns #324
Christmas tree spiral #408
Jefemy's Chocolate Coin #608
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