What's on my mind:
Please, just call me Auri instead of Auriha.
[Auri] Auriha
Hi! I'm Auriha. you may have seen me on the Forums. I'm a friendly user.

Some things about me ( just an FYI ):

- I'm Auriha, but I prefer to be refered as Auri, since it's easier to pronounce.
- I usually don't accept random friend requests, sorry. Usually, not always.
- First class Adda Bengali girl ( If you know what this means, you are a legend ).
- Huge cricket fangirl.
- You thought I was drinking underaged? Silly billy. This is just cranberry juice.

You really thought I was going to put some other things?

You stalker ( I'm kidding ), stop looking at my page ( again, I'm kidding ).
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