User is banned
What's on my mind:
My past user is a lie!
[FaZe] KSQ
I've quit but you can still sometimes catch me online
DRUG gave #19 snake eye
Roaq gave #124 hacked lampshade
Daze gave me #104 hacked lampshade
Lancia gave me #69 binary fed
orbiting gave me #49 Santa beard
Discord: KSQ#4101

About me,
My birthday is June 25th
Items I've borrowed, Greened Out Fedora,Head Of Considerable Length,#1 Samurai Katana,Green Cyclops,Ice Bat Helm of Unforgiving Frost, Brick Luke's fedora,Noob alert, pink wolf ears
I check all my inbound trades
I accept every friend request
Ex BHT Mod
Rehired as a BHT Beta Tester
Wizord my beloved

Previously known as: KSQ, Ioffsitedomg
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Join Date: 07/10/2020
Last Online: 2 weeks ago
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Forum Posts: 7,507
Friends: 1,632