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I hope i win!
[Easy] .Easlyaa.
Hi im Mina/Easlyaa
and im not active

Uhh join my group:
To everyone who hates on random people for clout, watch what happens.
Everything that you did will happen to you.

Buy my clothes

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__Previously known as Easlyaa__

blunt gaming - United Arab_Emirates

expressed. is gay - expressed.

Thiqq is cool - Thiqq

pennyroyal tea - Xerox

maybe donate your specials to phones - phones

Strong supporter of Third Reich!!!! She/They - pigz

Josuke is a cool chaaracter - Pact

Luigi was robbed by Donkey Kong - LuigiTheLad

Riiddling Skull sucks - Riddling Skull

Fiddles was here - Fiddles

Pact = Ipsom - Pact

Cus Reminds Me Of Cus - Cusmas

hello:kiss: :kiss: - Reverse_Polarity

mememmemememememmemmmemeemememmememmememememememememememememmeememememememememe - Uyspatroa

Yass let's go lmao - Rare_Username

"Brickhill please ban me for 100 year" - Sunken

watermelon hat - Thiqq

Exquistex, the user speaking will be banned in about 3 days. - Exquisite.

Josuke is the best. He is trying to make his hometown, Morioh, a better place!. - Easlyaa

WWIII is so hot :thumbsup: - WWIII

Phantom of Opera is so cringy and annoying, he just needs to stop - Phantom of Opera

We're pretty much best friends - Cursed Comments

Cursed Comments is the best! - Easlyaa

epic man - Io7

Feed Em' To The Dogs - Crummy

Phantom Forces is the best - Payens

thiqq is cool - Thiqq

blurb moment - posting

I replied. - 8yearold4

"broken arm skateboards is cool" - contra the skater


omg yazzzzzzz - Ordinary Imaginations

I just simutaneously whipped and nae naed! - phones

I just Ironically used XD! - Ordinary Imaginations

I am the - D95

[ I like fries ] - VLONE

Previously known as: EaslyaaRBLX
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