What's on my mind:
happy birthday, tz3!
[SM64] LoogiPaisano
I'm LoogiPaisano! I'm a (debatably) funny gay guy, a low-end voice actor, amateur coder, and also an artist!
I'm not active too often, but when I am online, I accept (mostly) all friend requests. I don't trade, since I don't really have anything to trade. Message me if you want! I'll reply if I can.
Here's where you can find me!:
friend me on xbox: LoogiPaisano#360
friend me on roblox: fundude5678910
follow me on scratch: @LoogiPaisano
follow me on reddit (i don't really use reddit all too often): u/looginumberone
follow me on newgrounds: @TheTrueLoogi
follow me on gamejolt: @LoogiPaisanoOfficial (or @LoogiPaisano)
message me on discord: Loogi#1462
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