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thank you so much for-to playing my game!
[miku] LoogiPaisano
hi-ho everybody, loogipaisano here! i'm a 15 y.o. dude who does art, music, and coding!
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i did the off topic community collage back in early 2022 (https://imgpile.com/i/TehAdM)

no longer an active forumer, but i pop in randomly from time to time.

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feel free to shoot me a friend request or a message.

i don’t trade, i have no need to. (stop begging for specials lastminute)

(not affiliated with any eye-themed friend request bots. although i do own the clan of the eyes, i don't own or operate any of those eye bots. please stop messaging me about it. thx.)
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here's where you can find me!:
friend me on xbox: LoogiPaisano#360
friend me on roblox: fundude5678910
follow me on newgrounds: @thetrueloogi
follow me on gamejolt: @LoogiPaisano
follow me on twitter: @LoogiTwitsano
follow me on twitch: @loogipaisanotv
subscribe to my youtube: thetrueloogi_ng
message me on discord: thetrueloogi_ng
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