What's on my mind:
specifically not getting flag head because i don't think it looks that nice anyways
[P00R] Enderspearl184
just some 14 year old badly scripting games. i'm not too into trading so i probably will decline most trades

i got the dragon egg on the mine-hill server so you all can't get it haha

insert funny blurb here

ill accept any friend requests as it doesn't really do anything so why not

cool people:
13x69-4 (gave me bucks instead of giving them to domas)
SmartLion (made the bbtools script the build plots game is based off)
Noah Cool Boy (made brick-hosting.tk which is why the admin house game is back up!)
you (for being here)

fun fact the first time i ever used js was from looking up the script to force mascots on to my friends list in club penguin

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