What's on my mind:
wow ur playin minecraft, i like ya cut g *slap* AAAAAAA
[Among] .apng
Howdy! I am .apng!
(Animate Portable Network Graphics)
I also known as Kaitokawa/apng.
Most active Vietnamese user (i think)
NaM or DIE
Fellow Twitch user lol
Will accept all friend request when online.
Except of scammers, hackers and ppl i personally hate
My Discord is Kaitokawa#4711
Str8 male btw

I love classy thing
It gives me nostalgia feeling
My first roblox acc (2009) got terminated ;[

People that got in my blurb :

why would i want to be in ur blurb - Yoki

Thiqq 🤗🤗 - Thiqq

"Rick wuz here" - Ricasso

"Payens is epic" - Payens

"UNtitlEd" - .Devil.

"Follow @#### on twitter" - Ean Colbert

"I like beans" - Lumber

"i ate your cat" - GDJayden_YT

"i eat yo dogs" - Satan

"I hate gays" - Redpilled slav

[Ignore These]
[Ignore Those]

pl0rified was here lol

Next objective :

-Buy The Leon
-Getting 28 bucks
-Get my bucket hat suggestion to be real

People that got banned from mine/other's report

-Zwa2 = scamming

Alts : Viet Nam, C.at, Kaitokawa, CountableInfinity
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