What's on my mind:
layered clothing is so sick, i no longer have to be naked to have the right mosaic skin!
[MBA] Cool
I am Cool here, pika everywhere else [pika#1650]
I collect #621's
17 y/o past bh staff

I make things sometimes
Got cucked by Amazon out of 40K USD
Reported a couple BH bugs, nothing major except figuring out a free item glitch

Proud member of the MBA ARG Group
Solved 2019 Christmas ARG
Solved 2020 Christmas ARG
Solved 2021 Christmas ARG
Solved 2022 Easter ARG
Solved 2022 Halloween ARG

Created the following items:

Brick Hill users I've met IRL:

Spacebuilder (regret)

Previously known as: Cool, SinkOfWarden, Cool, Best BH Discord Mod, yes ethos, Cool, triplesixdelete, Gunk Rock, triplesixdelete, Cool, ericdoa, Cool, Deer in Aldi, Cool, Three bands on me, Walkinroundthestoreoffaoxy, Take a picture, Ima pose paparazzi, Ive been drinking, moving like a zombie, Cool, KKSliders Kitten, Cool, CooLEAN, Cool, Scuttle, Cool, Peew, Cool, AriZona Green Tea Fan 14, Cool, tycoons
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