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[BHA] ellie
Hello! You may know me, but if you don't, I am a moderator, social media representative, and a member of the community support team for this site! I also founded the Brick Hill Awards (yay me!). PM me if you have any questions! :)

Shoutout to Nelots for donating to the Brick Hill Awards!
Shoutout to Coot (tsuk) for donating my dream item to me!

[haven't guess what my character resembles yet? join my discord server! https://discord.gg/3JehneJ]


q: is your name actually ellie?
a: yes.
q: unjail me please :"((
q: what is your favorite color?
a: all pastels. :)
q: how old are you?
a: 17. πŸ₯°
q: are you a vsco girl?
a: yes and no 😳
q: what is the easiest way to contact you?
a: i am the most active on discord, so add me there (@ellie !#0745).
q: are you a satanist?
a: no πŸ˜• i only dress as a demon because of my comic
q: accept my friend request
a: maybe πŸ˜‰


rip luke. i really liked him as a person, and i can't stop thinking about him. but just know that he's always watching over us, and will always be there besides us.
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