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Have a Merry Christmas!
[BFC] Lupine
Hello my name is Lupine!

I am a new forumer on BH!
I accept all friend requests so don’t be shy ;) (Unless you are always rude)

Forum Post Milestones
My first Post on 15/07/19
Hit 100 Posts on 16/07/19
Hit 1000 Posts on 3/08/19

Friend Milestones
Hit 50 Friends on 17/07/19
Hit 100 Friends on 18/07/19
Hit 200 Friends on 19/07/19

First Special on 18/07/19
First Badge on 18/07/19
Attended first event on 25/8/19

My alt accounts:

Roblox: xInvictusWolf
[ BHG6866733 ]
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Join Date: 15/07/2019
Last Online: 1 day ago
Game Visits: 0
Forum Posts: 1,324
Friends: 306