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Halloween Horde
During an expedition, a group of Archival Foundation employees finds themselves in the middle of a dangerous monster horde! Armed with only a knife, play as one of these employees and fend off the horde until the sun rises!

Each wave, monsters will rise from the ground. Hold one of your weapons by using the number keys, and click to attack the monsters! Lower their health to 0HP to defeat them. Sometimes, you'll find items on the monster's corpse. These range from bandages to restore your health, to all-new unique weapons! Help out your allies by giving them your tools using the /give command. Survive until the end of the waves to beat the game! Or perish, and never be heard from again...

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This game was created for the Tylorfoot Halloween Bonanza 2020.
Created: 2017/10/23
Updated: 2021/10/17
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