2nd Longest Obby on Brick Hill! [38 STAGES] (read desc)
Certified Hood Classicâ„¢

Not as cool as it once was, but it's up to play.

Can't play? Download the client here:

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brick-hill.com/shop/54452/ (shirt)
brick-hill.com/shop/54447/ (t-shirt)

This checkpoint system's script was supplied by user RepeatWeb (thanks, repeat!).

Each stage IS possible, tested by me over 5 times. [HINT: The last stage has a solid invisible bridge, use your camera.]

Any bugs? Message me on Brick Hill or over Discord.

Formerly longest until July 2019. I also hold the record for longest [111 stages], but it's too laggy and doesn't work.
Created: 2019/02/03
Updated: 2020/06/06
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