sepragame [WIP rework]
fixed: bots being unable to be damaged if more than 1 player was ingame
Experimental sound testing:

For character models to work correctly please download the mesh installer here
then run the installer
(This is not required if you are using BrickPlayer)

Installer Version Required: 3

very early testing! not much features rn

-- Character Selector controls
A-D to move selector
Spacebar to play as selected creature

-- Combat controls
Click to attack
1-5 to switch attacks
Shift to sprint
E to eat or weak melee attack
/settings for commands to change settings such as blood color

Store : TBA

sepragame is currently being *****heavily***** rewritten to easily support classes/creatures and attacks
number of kills will get lost during this rewrite

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Created: 2017/10/11
Updated: 2020/12/02
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