Type /help to view the commands.
Lost on how to play? Type /tutorial!
There's more food out there than just berries, you know...

This game has sound-brick support, which means you can listen to sound effects. To listen to the sound effects, go to this link:
Then, input your username at the website, go back to the game, and use the command /accept. Then, you will hear the sound effects!
You must keep the tab open at all times.

Placed in the wilderness with absolutely nothing, your goal is to keep yourself fed and alive.

Walk up to an object or monster, and click to attack it.
Rocks are too tough to break however, so you need to /use a pickaxe after you /craft one.
Type /help to list essential commands.

Download the client here:

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Genre: Exploration, Survival

Also, make sure to click the star, or else!
Created: 2018/04/22
Updated: 2020/07/13
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