Happy Home [admin cmds + build tools]
if you cant join message me to fix my port forwarding :P

The Classic Happy Home from ROBLOX.

I used a slightly modified cheats v2 and also SmartLion's bbtools

List of commands below:

/size plr number - Requires owning https://www.brick-hill.com/shop/147324
/infjump plr - toggles midair jumping
/control plr - toggle controlling a player
/reset - respawns you
/paint hex - changes colour of bricks you place.
/kill plr
/tp plr/xyz
/speed plr num
/jump plr num
/weather env - sets the weather of the game (sun,snow,rain)
/freeze plr - freezes the player.
/thaw plr - thaws a frozen player
/av id or reset - sets your avatar id to the specified one. say /av reset to reset your avatar
/server msg - sends a fake server message
/tpme plr - teleports said player to you.
/ambient color - hexadecimal
/sky color - hexadecimal
/team name - pretty useless but changes your chat color randomly
Created: 2020/07/05
Updated: 2020/08/14
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