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Incan Exploration: The Flood Escape
After a dastardly escape from a collapsed mine, barely escaping with your body, let alone your minecart, water begins to fill the cave you'd found yourself in. It's up to you to dash out of there, through canyons, through daring puzzles, over broken bridges, lest you find yourself at the mercy of the flood! Your adventure will not be for the faint of heart, however; while you are given as many tries as you'd want, the flood demands perfection, and it's up to you to reach the end and grab that special hat, no matter what's thrown at you.

Lagging too much? You can disable "Fast Bricks" on the menu [ESC] to gain more FPS!

CREDITS: The Paradox Team; Illusionism, rowbot, Noomy, Aidaan, SmartLion, Sidus.

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sound-brick: https://bunnynabbit.ddns.net/sb7
Created: 2019/10/11
Updated: 2021/10/18
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