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Brick Indies Company[BICO]
Owned by Katsuro
4 Members
Hello! Welcome to our clothing & trading clan, Get the best and most original clothing here !. Here you can find some cheap clothing, we produce cheap clothing.
All Brick Indies Company clothes are sold by Katsuro .
Want to be a designer? Message me with some of your designs.
I will decide if I like it!
💵 🪙 all designers get 15% of all the sales of their clothing in Brick Indies Company.
This can be raised to 50% If we think your clothing is very great.
Search "{BICo}" in the shirt catalog to find all of our shirts!
We are also going to be an Trading Clan soon.
The Trader Ranks
59 to 100 Value - Amature Trader
100 Value - New Trader
150 Value - Skilled Trader
200 Value - Expert Trader
250 Value - Super Trader
300 Value - Deluxe Trader
350 Value - Ultra Trader
400 Value - Elite Trader
450 and Above Value - VIP Trader
Donator shirt: coming soon
We also import Clothing templates
Imported clothing are priced at 10 to 200 bucks depending on quality of the clothing.
We also sell Clothing Templates to clothing clans.
[LATEST Clothing]
Creating clothing and trading since July of 2021.
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