Brick Hill Coinfarmer Catchers[BHCC]
67 Members
This clan is about catching coinfarmers. If you find a coinfarmer, report all known coinfarmed items, message me the coinfarmed item, and I'll put it on the coinfarmer list history below. If you catch enough coinfarmers, then I will give you a higher rank.

NOTE: Do not send harassment to any coinfarmers.

--- Ranks ---

⚪Visitor: You haven't messaged me any coinfarmers yet.

🟠Coinfarmer Catcher: Caught 1-4 coinfarmers.

🟡Coinfarmer Catching Grinder: Caught 5-11 coinfarmers.

🟢Coinfarmer Catching Expert: Caught 12-25 coinfarmers.

🔵Coinfarmer Catching Specialist: Caught 26-36 coinfarmers.

🔴Coinfarmer Catching Master: Caught 37-49 coinfarmers.

⚫Coinfarmer Catching Legend: Caught 50+ coinfarmers.

🔳Owner - The founder of the clan.

--- Stats ---

Coinfarmers Banned: 119

Top Coinfarmer Catchers:
Mimiblau10: 9
drd: 9
Strom: 6
Presenting: 6

--- Coinfarmer Report History ---

Beer Man >

night vision >

Adagio. >

jouer >

NickZFS >
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