MahBucket - Brick Hill
Right now I'm:

Praise bug to the sud.



What have I done here on Brick Hill? Well let's see, I've:
- Placed as a finalist in all 4 building competitions
- Created the concept art for the Spring Head
- Destroyed any chance of me ever getting a girlfriend
- Collected 9 pieces of paper calling me a noob

I was also the first to get these:
Count Blockula's Fangs
Materialized Magma Egg of Confusion
Egg of Perpetual Knowledge


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Bucket's Haunted Forest

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Quite spooky if I'm being Honest

Casa De Meme

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The first place I ever built

Sunny Day On Beach Planet

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One of 5 winners of the 2017 Summer Building Contest!

Santa's Gift Factory

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The population is too high to make them by hand these days, so he uses cloning machines and conveyor belts to get them to the world instead.

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