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Right now I'm:

not three dots


Hi there! I host a server and try to keep it for hours and I make shirts and pants with cool textures!
I am In the under ID 1000 club!

Supply me with your ideas!
And i'll make them

Server requests

Feel free to message me!


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Brick Canyon Classic

2634 Visits
Remaster coming soon!

Server 4 (Game Store)

430 Visits
Based on game stores!

Server 5 (Building Game)

275 Visits
brick-luke made this I am hosting it

blcoky's obby epic2222111!

74 Visits
made for blocky

Server 7 (Town)

133 Visits
A town

Server 8 (Land)

52 Visits

Server 11 (Fight)

39 Visits
to fight just click a lot near another player

Server 13 (Temple [Revamped])

179 Visits
Updated made by eye

Server 14 (Computer)

18 Visits
by ItsLittleBryn

Obby Race (Small Update)

535 Visits
Now you can win! Run around on the track! Jump Higher Perk: will be tweaking jump perk making a track for me would be nice If you fall down you might want to wait for the countdown to finish

Server 16 (Cyclops Ship Yard)

31 Visits
by fighterfist

Server 17 (A Huge Scale Model of The Unpredictable Egg of Building Blocks)

16 Visits

Server 18 (Brick Beach Classic)

14 Visits
i forgot

Server 19 (Cubes)

17 Visits
Because of Game Maker limits, The cubes in this game have mystical properties. If you walk to far away from them, your vision will worsen.

Server 20 Minis

44 Visits i will make more when i have more spare time i guess

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