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Right now I'm:


No more donating

I luv my fedora

I don't trade anymore

Good luck on the Egg finding.

My Value is 18,600 and if you wish to send me a trade please send me a message with the topic being Lets Trade and then I'll look at you offering.

Blood it always happens



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Chat World

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This Game just got 100 visits thatnk you soooooooooo much :) You can Chat about anything here just don't give out passwords! ;) Version: 1.0

Zombies o

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Cashkid08's Place

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This is you very own Brick Hill Place do what you want to it!

First Build

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First build

Brick Beach Classic

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Built by Prevent and hosted by Cashkd08

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Kitty Cute Cute

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This is eggtastic

The Brick Hunt 2018

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Find werid bricks! Work in progress


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Brick Beach

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Build by prevent and hosted by me

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