SonicTheHedgehog - Brick Hill
Right now I'm:

Sega Genesis has blast processing. Super Nintendo doesnt.


Name Changes: Knuckles, Bomberman

Hey! I'm Sonic! Sonicthehedgehog, And i'm the fastest thing alive on Brick-Hill!
My enemy is DrEggman and Coldsteel But with the power of Friendship i always defeat them! My buddy Tails and Infinite assist me in the adventures i have!

You got a problem with that?

also i overusing gotta go fast xD



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Brick-Hill And The Amazing Mirror

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You and the rest go on a open world, Defeating bosses and calling each other to make them teleport to you. Inspired by Kirby And the Amazing Mirror Please help code this game, i am not professional.

Sonic Sez

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When you join, i have to be online to play Sonic Sez. Rules are Simple. When i say Sonic Says Go to log, you go. When i say Sonic Sez Go to log, you dont go. Simple!

Ripened Brick-Hill Balloon Trip Of Love

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Inspired by Ripened Tingle's Balloon Trip Of Love Its like a Point and Click Adventure, but with ripened Tingles Balloon Trip Of Love's elements. Please Help script this


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It's space, visit planets and do stuff u do in space

Sonic The Hedgehog

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Fast gameplay. Going fast has never been more fun!

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