ratatooie - Brick Hill
Right now I'm:

baking stuff


hi young people

brick hill's #1 rat chef
im the rat of brick hill
i have so many good friends
youtuber of the year 2017
i was a beta tester
i eat dog feces

*dont send on my golden bok unless you're going to give antoher golden bok*

oh and i own ze rats so you better join



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rat gang

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rat gang

Super Brick 64

25 Visits
the title

The Gingerbread Mans House

93 Visits
entry for the christmas contest xd

Brick Physics

8 Visits
Mess around with brick physics! (if there is something wrong with the game, please pm me, it won't let me join right now.)


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if u want a brick model of yourself pm me

Camp Hill

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Entry for the 2017 Brick Hill Summer Building contest.

LAG FEST (2k Bricks)

10 Visits
current brick count: 2097

ratatooies Restaurant

160 Visits
Welcome to my restaurant! (All you can do is roleplay for now since Brick Hill doesn't have the right things for what I will do.)

ratatooies Hangout

1050 Visits
warning: if you fall off the obby you will have to reset until i can find a way to make a respawn.

Saint Brick Throne

9 Visits
This throne will make you feel like a king!


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will host games here! lol

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