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currently building something better than you could ever build


Hi there young traveller! Looks like you've stumbled onto the profile of father Ole. Father Ole comes from the far away, exotic country called Norway.

I've got two good friends by my side! Birb and bat! Only me and two others are worthy of that responsability...

Please send me a trade for my many tresaures!

Other good mates:

Rip brick-luke


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Ole's Mansion

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Cool cool

[2# Place!] Halloween Contest Submission

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With my good mate Blocky, we won 2# place in the Haunted Mansion Building Contest

[1# Place!] Deadly Beach Valley

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I won number 1 with this in the summer contest

Temple Explorers

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Explore the temple, and find the treasure!

Pirate Wars!

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Yarr, Swashbuckler! Do you have what it takes to become the greatest pirate?

[1# Place!] Ole's Winter Village (SANS ADDED!)

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This is my submission for the winter building contest! Might be updated..

Lag Test

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This is where I lag test my games

[PLAY ME] Ole's Mansion 2 (WITH INTERIOR)

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Lag Warning: The long awaited sequel to "Ole's Mansion".


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The Friendly Brick-Hill Neighbourhood

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🎶It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood!🎶

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