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Right now I'm:

breakdown over, got refunded!! thanks fish man, lov u


(Respects goes to ratatooie for giving me a special that I missed, a ushanka!)
lovely blocky wonka, thank u spacebuilder!!!

R.I.P brick-luke. you were truly a great guy, and one of my first and best friends online. It's a god damn shame that you left this world at such a young age. I'd do anything to bring'ya back, but I cannot and all I must do is try to move on which isnt really working as much as I'd like it to. I shall remember your legacy for the rest of my life, play brick hill for as long as it stays up as well as try to make it a great place for everybody in your honor, after all it's the least I could do, after all, you and spacebuilder built me a home which I could interact with such an amazing community, as well as feel welcomed.


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