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Right now I'm:

if you call me tyler and think its funny you need some serious mental help


im tylorfoot.
thats all you need to know.

dont send me trades

~hit 10k total place visits on 2018-09-21~


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Sad House on Brick Hill

9021 Visits
idk y it's sad, it just is. for new brick hill users: this is NOT old roblox, nor is it intended to be like old roblox.

Haunted House on Brick Hill

792 Visits
It is said that those who enter this twisted version of Sad House on Brick Hill, never come out... [THIS IS NOT AN EVENT GAME]

Road Trip

253 Visits
go on a road trip in the desert!

this set was a failure

67 Visits


425 Visits
dont play this game its horrible

The Random Game Show

273 Visits
in order to start this thing, we need atleast 3 contestants. RULES: this is a series of challenges. the winner of each one will get immunity. then, everyone votes for one person they want to be eliminated. the person with the most votes will be eliminated. this repeats until the final 2, where the eliminated contestants vote on who they want to win. you can use the /pm command to formulate strategies or anonymously vote. if the IMMUNTIY BRICK twist is active, type /opensesame in chat to attempt searching for an immunity brick. PAST WINNERS: Ole, reserved, Ghost21, ratatooie, BonnieEatsBacon, EggHunter, Fizzygon, Kekkley, MrFire, GoogIe, FoxyTheCuteFox7, Gage, Bean, Missingno50, person5874, RareWasay, TheMost(un)OriginalUsername, SirStephen, arm, battle, spacebuilder, Leon

Quartz Buildings

1246 Visits
the long lost brother of sad house on brick hill!

Sad House Classic

30 Visits
experience a blast from the... present! this is what sad house on brick hill originally was.

Ultra Dash Racing

91 Visits
Race like you've never raced before!

Brickbreak Minery Co.

86 Visits
~LAG WARNING: YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED~ (Click to mine, type /shop to buy things) The construction workers of BrickBreak Construction Co. are in a lack of building materials. So the CEO of BrickBreak Construction Co. has sent their workers to mine out the materials using special mining technology.

4 corners of Summer

0 Visits
soontm fun fact: a similar verson was going to be my summer 2017 building contest submission but then my computer got rip so yeaaaaa

the set tylorfoot hosts to get to 10k place visits

96 Visits
wow im so egotistical

Tylorfoot Cylinder Search

1091 Visits
There are 13 cylinders in total. Type /cyli to check your CylibookTM. Once you beat the game, you can rebirth by typing /rebirth Fastest Time: 52.90 by Tylorfoot. Fastest Time using Server Lag: 25.90 by i dropped the taco. Tylorfoot Cylinder Spawner Perk: brick-hill.com/shop/item?id=22314 Antique Alarm Perk: brick-hill.com/shop/item?id=22429

Will Tylorfoot Survive?

238 Visits
no he wont lol | dont join this ok its not even done yet and it might break on you if you join so please dont join or i will tell your mommy

[4TH] Halloween Brick's Castle

136 Visits
[My entry for the Halloween Building Contest 2018] Soon to be rented out by Count Sponkbaber himself, this castle is currently owned by the evil Halloween Brick! Inflitrate the castle and explore the 5 boring rooms inside... If you dare...

Tylorfoot Cylinder Search 2 - An unforeseen Future

326 Visits
the unoffical offical sequel to Tylorfoot Cylinder Search - You can type /cyli [1-2] to check your cylinders. - if you have the Tylorfoot Cylinder Spawner please tell me so I can grant it to you

Tylorfoot Cylinder Search 3 - A new world

0 Visits
the officially unofficial official threequel to the original Tylorfoot Cylinder Search trilogy - There are 45 cylinders to find. If you have the Tylorfoot Cylinder Spawner perk let me know ingame. Gueststar Cylinders: "Wong Chang Cylinder" - Boki

budget murder mystery game

18 Visits
leon wake up i already beat you to it [THIS IS NOT AN EVENT GAME]


12 Visits
Welcome to FakeblOx™, the imitation platform. Please read the Terms of Service before clicking "play". Terms of Service: Any actions you execute in this game will NOT transfer to your Brick-Hill™ account. Any currency you earn here will NOT transfer to your Brick-Hill™ account. Anything you do here will NOT transfer to your Brick-Hill™ account.

Finallus Setus

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As the new year looms closer and closer, a horrible disaster called the Brick-Hill New Client will vaporize the entirety of Brick-Hill. Race against the clock while climbing across fragmented sets to stop the New Client's release, or fall prey to the death causing Brick-Hill New Client Release! Guest Star: Ezcha (against his will)

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