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If you wanna know why I am inactive, its because school and no notifiers that do sound.


Hello champion and welcome to my profile!

You may seen me in game called "Roblox" with name "sportakus2" or occasionally "sportakus1"! If so, then yeah, you are right! Thats me! I am the egoistic guy if it comes to specials/limited/unique items. Otherwise, Il act good or bad depending your attitude on me. So, dont be douchebag and it will be fine.

I usually dont trade and I dont take too many risks.

Also, the exit door is there. Now get outta my house.

Recent buyers/traders:
Ole - Bought my ghost costume for 550 cash (Got 440 cash)
Ratatooie - Donation of 55 bucks and 40 bits (got 44 bucks and 32 bits)


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Halloween mansion game

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For the halloween mansion contest! (I prob will not host my game as it risks revealing my IP, so lets slide the idea out of oyur mind playing my game until brick hill will make games simiral to roblox, play my game witohut me hosting it.)

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