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Statistically speaking, I am the best builder on Brick Hill. (but not really)

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I placed as a finalist in all 5 building competitions.

I created the concept art for the following:
Spring Head | Feral Present of Festivities | White Rabbit | Hand Them Over | Weightless Present of Inflated Expectations | Scrooge's Scorn | Animatronic Smile

I was the first legitimate user to get these:
Cheggar | Knight Egg | Count Blockula's Fangs | Materialized Magma Egg of Confusion | Egg of Perpetual Knowledge | Egging It Forward | TP-ed Scarf | Bubbling Bucket of Gooey Goodies | Surprise Egg of Seasonal Scrambling | Frosty the Snow Egg | Peppermint Eyes

I'm very picky when it comes to trading. If you're trying to give me something I already have, I'll most likely decline unless it's a really good deal.

Previously known as: MahBucket
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