What's on my mind:
If you keep staring at the sun, you won't see What you have become.
Demonic Vampiric Luminati
.Hi, There! It's a pleasure meeting you and i thank you for taking your beloved time reading this! I'm a 14 year old storywriter and Brick-hill forumer I love everyone on this site and i love helping all of the users on this site! I'm half british and half japanese Pretty useless information But hey! I told ya anyways mate I just want you to know that you're amazing and you deserve lots of love! <3

Contact me on discord if you want to: Midnight#0666

Goals i accomplished
- Became one of the first story writer's on brick-hill
- Became one of the first poetry writer's on brick-hill
- Became somewhat middle class on brick-hill

I have much more but i don't even bother to list them I'm a story writer and i pretty much take breaks once in a while although i'll be making stories back-to-back soon.

Previously known as: Luminati, The Phoenix, Luminati, Sir Luminati, The Hand, Vampiric Luminati, i am sexy as hell, Sir Luminati, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, JoaquimMatador69420, Vampiric Luminati
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