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What's on my mind:
[bob] Bob Smith
hello there
only interested in trading jolly brick buddy
also lemme in tee or i'll get charged for multiple acts of murder
my user

All respect goes to Erik Cassel, Edd Gould, Luke Dunn (he didn't die of cancer but still, respect him), Technoblade and any other victims of Cancer. You influence everyone to be resilient and keep on moving. I hope you thrive in the afterlife. I'm not making this a copypasta, I just agree with this.

fools shades
0202 shades
splitting headache
jack in the box

---total value borrowed---
0202 shades
fools shades x2
splitting headache
jack in the box
vaporwave (thanks patrick)

4400 total

the more the total, the more you know you can trust me and other people if they have this in their bio
the reason for this
i have the total value borrowed in my bio, so i can probably work my way to somehow becoming trusted enough to actually keep one (probably not any high value ones, but could still work)
the keeping thing may not work, but still

not making this longer because long bios are cringe
ah shit its long now
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