What's on my mind:
@add me in friends your welcome
[AAE] KingBlue
Hi, my name is KingBlue

I decline all trades I get so avoid sending me any.

I am a 15 year old dummy who knows nothing.

Don't ask me to borrow any specials because I will probably ignore you.

I read every message I receive and I accept all friend requests!

I have been on this platform for 2 years my original join date is December 4th, 2020

I am turning 16 on December 21st 2023

This is my only account people who claim to be me are fake.
Goal to reach 1K friends

250 friends - 9/2/2022

500 friends - 9/11/2022

750 friends - 11/19/2022

1,000 friends - not accomplished yet

Specials I Originally Owned
#52 Pumpkin Witch Hat

#180 Cobweb Wings

#250 Regal Purple Cloak

#183 Eclipsar Jester of Luna Solis

#74 Pimin' Top Hat

#117 Custodes Pacis

#77 Hooded Turkey Disguise

#145 Frosty Day of the Dead Hat

#157 2023 New Year's Fireworks

Previously known as: i ruin blockys day now, TurboWolf, ExplodingExperiment, LittleRed, KingRed, H7F, Peppermint General, Santa Witch
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