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[2022] sumpter
Ellohay, I'm sumpter, I'm the 8th 2022er to exist on Brick-Hill, I accept all friend requests and answer all messages!

My Discord: sumpter#6865

Post Milestones
1st post: 1-3-2022
100th post: 1-3-2022
200th post: 1-3-2022
300th post: 1-3-2022
400th post: 1-4-2022
500th post: 1-5-2022
600th post: 1-5-2022
700th post: 1-6-2022
800th post: 1-7-2022
900th post: 1-7-2022
1000th post: 1-8-2022
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Join Date: 01/01/2022
Last Online: 2 weeks ago
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Forum Posts: 1,035
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