What's on my mind:
Don't give up.
[Galax] Vextro
If your only option is to give up on life, then is it not worth it to at least put an effort to try and fix things, talk to people, seek help & guidance, do your own digging, find what makes you feel the way you do, find who you are, there is no need to hide that because nothing is wrong with you, there is no bad side, think about it... Because if the only way you feel is to give up, how could that hurt you anymore than just giving up, if you've fallen, does it make sense to just lie down instead of at least trying, because if you've already hit rock bottom, how can it get any worse? trick question, it DOESN'T, you just need small steps at a time, a little bit of effort to try and find yourself and do some research, there will be people out there to help you. But you can't just give up with at least trying and trying because it can't get any worse. There is more to life then you may think, you just need to find it.
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