What's on my mind:
My main is Duck Noah2
[Hats] BLRXY
Forum Trends are lame.



Read before chucking me a trade:

I do not do trade back's unless they are honest accidents
Not my fault if the item drops.

I used to have 50k value but i got sharked out of my stuff oof

I love my ushanka hat so much don't think it will be easy to get it off me, Peridax gave me the ushanka and I have loved it ever since. Thank you Peridax

I am also a bit known for donating. So yeah... if your a female ily hmu IM JK XD IM FUNNY HAHAHAH alr peace

The user hypno glasses is indeed my alt

Top Donators:
1. Peridax: Gave me Ushanka, 2 jester hats and a happy Mexican all for free you are truly an mvp.

T-J donated me binary glasses when i was new to trading thank you it got me a long way in trading. Unfortunately it ended when i got sharked. ( this is the real #1 spot btw )


Previously known as: SoundCloutz, Latest, zIowrogi, ziz., Plauge, Plague Doc, Electric., Vampire., Duck Noah, DuckDev
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