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What's on my mind:
Call Me If You Get Lost
[Tea] Charmer
HI my name is, HUH? my name is, WHAT? my name is CHKKA CHKKA 1VK

My trading career is a mix of luck, luck, and luck.
Maybe im just a wordsmith.. with a lacking lexicon.

fun fact - since you clicked read more - I typically wear wavy hair or surfer dude hair but my hair is actually brown not blonde but wavy hair doesnt look great+my actual hair is about 2/3 that length and surfer dude is just way inconsistent to my actual hair length but it looks better

Previously known as: Yolku, 1VK, 0pal, Sleuth, A 13 year old, kilauea, Ananke, Tourmaline, Babylon, Colosseum, Heliotrope, Charmer, Bloodthirsty, Pompeii, Sir Dani, Amari is cute, Charmer, sky-blue
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